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Cultural Heritage Education Programme

all the didactic proposals are  addressed to schools, variously structured on the classes to which they are aimed and the themes they are dealing with.

The courses intend to encourage processes of active construction of knowledge and the acquisition of specific skills in a critical and creative way about the historical heritage.




All the didactic paths with the workshop will follow a scheme based on 3 learning phases: visit the Castle to acquire the information that will be necessary for the practical activity in the workshop, phase to deepen with the support of multimedia tools (mini-tablet provided by the APS), workshop activity during which students apply the information received, under the guidance of the operator.

It is also foreseen that teachers will be given material to continue the study in class and to allow a link between the course and the regular teaching activity.


Guided visit of the Dentice di Frasso Castle


Guided tour of the Parco della Contessa

Guided tour of the City Centre

Educational Workshop:



Heraldry Workshop 

Target:  Primary School


Description:  Children will create their heraldic coat of arms after the theoretical part


Duration: 2 h



Target:  Preschool/Primary school


Description:  at the end of the guided tour of the castle, children will be divided into small teams of engineers and builders. Equipped with cardboard, scissors, glue and other materials, each group will have to build its castle to take back to school

Duration: 1 h


Target:  Primary School


Description:  After an excursus on astronomy, during which we will talk about planets, solar system, stars and constellations, children will listen to the myths related to the stars and then make holograms and a stargazer, a useful tool to observe the constellations preferred by children in a dark room



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